CKC Obedience Stats 2002

as written in the Official Section of Dogs In Canada mag

UNOFFICIAL Canadian Kennel Club Obedience Stats to the May 2003 Issue of Dogs In Canada (final shows for 2002 included, barring any late submissions or corrections)** June issue had one more 2002 trial in it- note 4th & 5th have switched
Only scores in OPEN and UTILITY classes are used in calculating points for the CKC top obedience dogs.
each qualifying score earns the following points
(200 earns 8 pts) (198-199.5 earns 7pts) (195-197.5 earns 6pts) (190-194.5 earns 5pts)
(185-189.5 earns 4pts) (180-184.5 earns 3pts) (175-179.5 earns 2pts) (170-174.5 earns 1pt)

Keep in mind that the results in the magazine are a couple of months old when we get them.

If you know the sex and variety of any I have missed, or if there are any mistakes, please do let me know!

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* indicates a tied #
# Name of Dog Points
Owner Sex/Var
1 Ch.Ravenmasque Magic Star Wysiwyg CDX AGN 127/8 G Touchette F-Terv
2 Joe Smith CDX 92/2 H Smith M-Mal
3 OTCH Elgo de Lescaut Bbm 90/7 L Auger
4 Nicha Novi Une Etoile Est Nee CD AGN 27 M Gauvin & G Dumas F-Terv
5 Ch. MNM N Steele's Riley Adelphi CDX 26/1 A Boyd, H Conrad & M Tingley M-Terv
6 Nicha Shannon CDX 23 D Gagnon & D Gendreau F-Terv
7 Discovery's Great Escape CD 18 L Brady M-Gron
8 Fastbreaks Dream Lover CD 16 C Lamb & F Freidman M-Terv
*9 Leaf's Dragon Fire CDX 11 W MacLellan F-Mal
*9 Bull Mtns Wind In The Willow CD 11/2 S & L Swarthout F-Mal
*10 Nicha Zut Zut CD 10 R Levesque -Terv
*10 Epris Rock My World CD 10 B Noble -Terv
*11 Atim 'n' Teseko Greybriar Reese's CD 6/1 C & B Smith M-Terv
*11 Laughlan Wily Coyote CDX TD 6 D Leaf M-Terv
*11 Discovery's Baview Gossip CD 6 K Hoges
*12 Klaar Perfect Gina at Tervfect CD AGN 5 M Ferris F-Terv
*12 Toplines Souvenir Display CD 5 L Lemmer terv
*12 Nicha Indiana Rose Des Sables CD AGN 5 M Gauvin & N Beaulieu F-Terv
*13 Ch Celebre Chance of Rehn CD 4 C & J Vella M-Gron
*13 Serack's Zasha Blackstar CD 4 C Atsma F-Gron
14 Ch Winjammers No speed Limit CD 3 M Leither Terv

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