CKC Conformation Stats 2002

UNOFFICIAL Canadian Kennel Club Conformation Stats to the May 2003 Issue of Dogs In Canada (final shows for 2002 included, barring any late submissions or corrections)

Webmaster assumes no responsibility for any mistakes made in these pages.  The information is simply transferred from the magazine. Keep in mind the information is a couple of months behind.
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Dogs defeated are at the Best of Breed and/or Group/BIS/BISS placement level.

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* indicates a tied #

Rank NAME OF DOG Dogs Defeated OWNER Sex/Var
1 Can Ch. Marlene De La Pagaille  3046 V Mongeau & M Paiement F-Gron
2 CanAm Ch. Sandcastles Kutting Edge 682 D & D Butler & S Shaw M-Gron
3 CanAm Ch. Johnsondale's Storm Shadows 519 M Lange M-Gron
4 Can Ch. Chateau Blanc Ilan Illions TD 476 L.Siczar M-Terv
5 Ch. Ember Glo's Full Throttle 218 E Nelson M-Terv
6 Ch. Waldenmarks Royal Kona 175 I & J Friedenson M-Terv
7 Ch. Waldenmarks Golden Expresso 173 I & J Friedenson F-Terv
8 Ch. Alassio Oridix 138 K Mayes & L Fung M-Terv
9 Ch. Folklor's Dillon of Hillside 104 B & S Kreider M-Gron
10 Ch. Penikka's Cdn Rodeo at Kuublac 87 H Anderson & P Cowie M-Gron
11 Ch. Uniquest V T Belgish Schoon 85 T Votava & M Andric F-Gron
12 Ch. Gemfire's Uniquely Ours 76 E Thoma & J Lang M-Terv
13 Ch.Mi Sha Ook's Havana Hana 75 L & E Stanbridge F-Terv
14 Ch.Blackwater Atim Never Ever 74 S Quesnel M-Terv
15 Ch. Ember Glo's Grand Jury 67 J Knight-Kmiecik & A Lampley M-Terv
16 Ch. Teseko's Faithful as My Shadow 65 C Myers M-Terv
17 Ch. Suz Bold Image Of an Angel 57 R Prentice & S Armstead F-Terv
*18 Ch. Brannock Rhythm'N Blues 56 C Royal, L Bates& N Swap M-Terv
*18 Ch. Black Katz Shaq Attack 56 S & D Katz M-
19 Ch. Klaar Quest to Big Mtn 55 K Gilmore M-Terv
20 Ch. Hobo Fan'e Rispinge 52 A Saunders M-Lak

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