CKC Titles earned in 2004

as written in the Official Section of Dogs In Canada magazine to the April 2005 issue, updated Mar9

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May 23 Ch Alphaloups Monster By Mistake
Sept 4 Ch Bayviews Jacks Or Better
July 17 Ch Bellsha's Congo Line Soda
May 24 Ch Black Gold Master Piece
June 26 Ch Blackwaters Superstar
Sept 18 Ch Blaisdell’s Tornado of Fire
July 25 Ch Burnhooli's Brazen Vixen
Aug 23 Ch Classic'n'Codas Pogo Stick
July 24 Ch DeHanna's Third Time's A Charm CDX
Sept 11 Ch Dreamfields Sahara
Aug 25 Ch Fastbreaks Always In Dutch
Aug 25 Ch HiAyre's Key Signature
July 11 Ch HiAyre's Signature Cruise
Oct 17 Ch Hobbytyme’s Top Gun
Oct 09 Ch Houseoftervs Lil Miss Porche
Sept 5 Ch Images Made You Look
Oct 30 Ch Isengard’s Just In Time
July 13 Ch Jut-A-Wyn-Terv Wonderland
July 11 Ch Kitsela's Caligari Furiosio
Jan 31 Ch Kuublac Amazin Blue V Daggot
Feb 01 Ch Kuublac Blues Brother
Oct 30 Ch Lebeau Playing With Fire
June 30 Ch Malinhurst Rascal Igor Kora CD
Oct 11 Ch Maximums Everlasting Flame
Aug 15 Ch Mi Sha Ooks Franci O'Mcrobene
Aug 14 Ch Mi Sha Ooks George O'Mcrobene
Aug 13 Ch Mi Sha Ooks Gypsy O'Mcrobene
July 10 Ch MNM's Hot N Cold
May 29 Ch MNM's Risen From The Ashes
Oct 23 Ch Nicha Bolyde
May 01 Ch Nicha Nova Une Etoile Est Nee CDX AGN
June 18 Ch NightTreasures Gold'n Mayhem
June 4 Ch Olivia Black Z Kovarny
Aug 18 Ch Quasimodo Z Kovarny
Aug 18 Ch Ravenmasque Illusive Vision
Oct 10 Ch Ravenmasque Sadek
Feb 27 Ch Rolin Ridges Yatzee
July 4 Ch Silverado's Pink Cadillac
Mar 12 Ch Sterlingden Electra Q Chi
July 26 Ch Sterlingden Vanquero Q Chi
July 2 Ch Sumerwynd Outrageous Fortune
July 30 Ch Synecdocke's Gold Rush Ladyhawk
Feb 15 Ch TopSecret Dangerous Game
Oct 29 Ch Toshalie’s Victoria Secret
Feb 07 Ch Tziganes Domi CD
May 24 Ch Waldenmarks After Eight
Aug 13 Ch Waldenmarks Ddl Keyed at Windypt
July 4 Ch Winjammers Devil In Disguise
July 31 Ch Winjammers I Knew Ewe Loved Me
July 25 Ch Winjammers Tete La Premiere CD


Aug 15 Atim's Charming Angel CD
Aug 03 Crocs-Blanc Bold Venture CD
Aug 07 De La Pagaille Blade Runner CD
Mar 28 Epris Rave Review
July 25 Grand Coeur's Blade Runner CD
Feb 15 Guess Du Josar CD
June 19 High Country Storm CD
July 24 Honeycreek Easter Bonnet CD
Oct 30 Josar’s Aixelle Cinq CD
July 03 Karmuns Edmund Rocket Man CD
July 03 Karmuns Jet-Black Jolly CD
Aug 01 Ch Klaar Once In A Lifetime CD
May 23 Ch Klaar Valiant Kelso CD
July 03 Liswyn's Night Fire of Avatar CD
Oct 30 Mousseline de Lescaut B B T CD
Aug 08 Nicha Myrka of Burnhooli CD
June 19 Onward Bounds Duquewood Omni CD
Nov 27 Prideheart’s Sky Tracker CD
June 19 Ch Quantums Hot'n'Spicey Black IceCD
July 18 Ch Ravenmasque Aestas CD TD HT AGX
Oct 31 Ravenmasque Flying Miss Lacey CD
July 04 Reine Jadzia Dax De La Pagaille
Aug 29 Ch Sky Acres Frequent Flyer CD
June 20 Ch Spitfires Outlawed to Quantum CD
May 09 Starbright Ride the Wind CD
Sept 04 Sunecdocke's Jasper Jazz CD
Aug 02 Tolkien-T Del Colle Ombrosso CD
July 10 Ch Vader Klaar Fauve Charbonne CD PCD (pre companion dog Jan 31/04)
Jul 25 Ch Waldenmark Golden Expresso CD


Mar 27 BIS Ch Chateau Blancs Elan Illions CDX TDX AGN
Nov 06 Corsairs Tirza CDX
Nov 28 Fastbreaks Dutch Collaboration CDX
Nov 27 Ch Hobbytyme’s Gone Country CDX
Aug 08 Klaar Wrath of Milo CDX
Aug 07 Malinhurst Jodie Igor Cora CDX


July 05 Incyta Murphy's Escapade UD AGN
Aug 02 OTCh Klaar Marchesa Chiaroscura
Nov 06 Ch OTCh Winjammers No Speed Limit


Feb 15 Motch Bartects Piper TDX AGI


Oct 10 Ch OTCh Chiron’s Never Say Never TD HS AGMX
May 09 Emmanuela Bazooka TD
Oct 31 Esprit de Zoe du Dantero TD
May 09 Gemfires Ullyses Tasha CDX TD
Oct 31 Incyta’s Runnin’ In Overdrive TD (


Oct 10 Belindal’s Lord of The Rings TDX
Oct 16 Epris Natural Grace CD TDX AGI (


July 23 Chateau Blanc's Great Joy TD AGN
July 04 Incyta Murphy's Escapade CDX AGN
June 4 Incyta Over Th'Limit at Chiron TD AGN
May 08 Ch Mahoganys Rhinestone Cowboy AGN
July 31 Waldenmark Capt Tea Windypt SGN
June 4 Touchstones Give Me Wings AGN
May 08 Ch Maximums Beaucoup de Vi AGN
May 18 Ch MiShaOoks Cimpatico Abby AGN
Mar 21 Synecdockes GLimpse of GoldAGN
Oct 03 Ch Synecdockes Gold Rush Ladyhawk AGN


June 12 Adastra Make It So AGI
May 30 Ch Bellestar Kognac Vaerian Moon AGI
Sept 12 Ch Ravenmasque Our Luz Del Sol CDX AGI
May 22 Ch Zouk de Clan Quattpatt CD TD AGI


Jan 25 Ch Ladyhawks Never Bee Synecdocke AGX
June 13 Starbright Passionxtrodinair CD TDX AGX


date dog

Tracking Dog (TD) (HS)

May 9 Gemfires Ullyses Tasha CDX TD
Oct 10 OTCH amBISS CanAm CH Chiron’s Never Say Never HS AGMX TD

Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) (HS)

Oct 10 Belindal’s Lord of The Rings TDX
Oct 16 Epris Natural Grace CD TDX AGI
Oct 16 Ch Chateau Blanc’s Elan Illions CDX TDX AGI


date dog


date dog


May 29 Ch Bull MTNs Constellation CD BH
May 29 Synecdockes Mighty Basil Brush BH

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